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Our CNC Milling Capabilities

3/4/5 Axis CNC milling combined with our manual milling section enable us to manufacture parts from one off prototypes to a long production run efficiently and competitively.

One-Off Prototyping

Need a swift turnaround on your CNC machining? Our rapid prototyping service has you sorted. Our team of specialists will optimise your drawings and deliver top-quality prototypes in unparalleled time, ensuring you remain a step ahead of the competition. Prioritising precision and quality, we assure that our prototypes will meet or surpass your expectations. From conception to production, we possess the expertise and apparatus to realise your designs. Rely on our rapid prototyping service for the velocity and excellence required for your CNC machining endeavours.

Batch Production

Opt for our CNC machining for your high-volume production requirements and benefit from ISO 9001 quality control. Our production procedure encompasses three rigorous inspections: first-article verification, random process checks, and comprehensive post-production inspections. With our state-of-the-art equipment and adept team, we optimise production to reduce costs and guarantee prompt delivery. With over a decade of experience, we're your reliable partner for CNC machining.

The process


Before milling begins, the desired part needs to be designed using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. The design will determine the shape, dimensions, and features of the final product.


After the design phase, the CAD file is converted into a CNC program using CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software. This software translates the design into a series of commands that the CNC machine can understand


Material Selection: The desired material (e.g., steel, aluminum, plastic) is selected and loaded onto the machine. Tool Selection and Placement: Depending on the design's requirements.


After the milling process, the part is inspected for accuracy using measuring tools or machines to ensure it matches the design specifications.

Quality control

Parts undergo a quality control process to ensure they meet the required standards of ISO 90001.

Free Local Delivery

We offer a free local delivery service. Please Contact us for more information.